Free ULV Disinfectant Fogger, Battery powered cordless fogger with the purchase of disinfectant. 

Buy an Xpower cordless disinfectant fogger and save $75 on BioVex T hospital grade disinfectant. Perfect bundle for any school, office, business or home.

Get a free gallon of organic disinfectant when you purchase an X power F-8b cordless ULV fogger. 

Five gallons free of All natural disinfectant, when you buy a ULV backpack fogger. NSF registered disinfectant rinse free and no need to wipe after application.

Buy two or more cases of BioVex G 100% biodegradable disinfectant and receive 10% off and a free HDPE plastic gallon jug. 

Save $49 on a portable 4-Stage HEPA filter air purifier & Ozone Generator and receive a free programmable timer. 

Save Over $70 on a commercial 3 stage HEPA filter air purifier ozone generator and free programmable timer. The Ozone generator eliminates odors in all spaces including smelly cars, mold and pet odors.

Save over $60 and recieve a free programmable timer. Portable 4 stage HEPA filter air purifier, ozone generator to remediate odors, and an Xpower F 16 ULV disinfectant fogger and a free programmable timer

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