BioVex® HVS
BioVex® HVS

BioVex® HVS

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BioVex® HVS is a wireless system that allows constant access to the Ready-to-Use product without the hassle of manual mixing. The HVS system is specifically designed for frequent users needing a continuous supply of activated solution. This system delivers the appropriate amounts of BioVex® by efficiently and automatically refilling the reservoir. Installation only requires a water line to provide activated products.

  • Water-powered wireless system with an easy installation
  • High Water pressures have no effect on HVS operation  
  • Removes the need for manual mixing and diluting and ensures efficient, consistent activation every time.
  • End-user has zero exposure to concentrated product
  • On-demand dispensing eliminates waste.
  • Optional stand specifically designed for the HVS


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