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Sanitize and disinfect large areas efficiently.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, regular disinfecting has become a part of our daily lives. For most, this is as simple as wiping down surfaces with disinfecting wipes. However, for those with large areas to disinfect, hand-cleaning is laborious, time-consuming, and expensive. Disinfecting foggers offer a more efficient alternative to traditional disinfecting. Their fogging solutions exponentially reduce the time it takes to disinfect large areas, making them perfect for warehouses, schools, stadiums, and more.


After receiving your fogger, disinfecting is as easy as diluting your concentrated solution, filling your fogger, and getting to work. The coronavirus is still spreading, and you don’t have time for complicated disinfectant distribution systems. Our foggers simplify the issue and let you get back to your business quicker.

A Fogger For Every Space

Germrip carries a variety of disinfecting foggers. Whether you need handheld or backpack-style, corded or cordless, we’re sure to have an option that will suit your space.

Get It Done Quick

Our disinfecting foggers drastically reduce the time of sanitizing and disinfecting large areas. Get back to your life faster by using one of our powerful foggers.

Powerful Disinfecting

Germrip’s BioVex® fogging disinfectant works by attacking the surfaces of microbes and breaking them down. These List N disinfectants are as powerful as scrubbing or wiping solutions without all the elbow grease.


The BioVex® solution used by Germrip foggers is also OMRI Certified Organic, non-abrasive and non-corrosive, EPA-registered, and contains no harmful chemicals. The pure ClO2 is one of the safest disinfectants you’ll find on the market today.

Where our Foggers Can Be used

Industrial Buildings

Our foggers can make quick work of storage warehouses, packaging plants, production factories, and more.

Property Management

Foggers can disinfect vacant apartments or houses, common areas, clubhouses, and more with ease.


Make quick work of classrooms, hallways, gyms, and vacant dorms with a powerful Germrip fogger.


BioVex® is organic and safe to use with a fogger in hospitals, clinics, assisted living homes, rehabilitation centers, and more.

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Indoor or outdoor, a Germrip fogger can help you disinfect stands, locker rooms, concession areas, and anywhere else in a fraction of the time it would take the old-fashioned way.


Kitchens and dining areas alike can be disinfected quickly and efficiently with a fogger and BioVex® biodegradable disinfectant.

Public Transportation

Trains, buses, planes, ferries, and subways are all excellent candidates for fogging disinfectants.


A fogging disinfectant can reduce the time and labor of sanitizing hotels, resorts, venues, and even cruise ships.

Fitness Facilities

Public or private gyms, workout equipment, locker rooms, and fitness studios can be disinfected quickly and easily with a fogging solution.