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Daily disinfecting has become a necessary part of our lives. In a business with large areas to sanitize, this can be expensive. The time and labor costs in conjunction with the cost of commercial disinfectants are significant, especially when employees have to wipe down every surface in your space. However, there are other options. Electrostatic sprayers are one of the most effective ways to thoroughly disinfect your commercial or residential space. Germrip’s sprayers boast long battery life, efficient flow rates, and convenient compatibility with some of the most well-known tool brands.

Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Germrip’s electrostatic sprayers utilize the latest in electrostatic spraying technology. The simple-to-use design allows you to get disinfecting quickly. But simplicity doesn’t detract from efficiency. Our electrostatic sprayers can cover as much as 20,250 square feet per hour and can run as long as an hour and a half continuously off of a fully charged battery. Don't forget to add the right disinfectant to your electrostatic sprayer while you're at it!

Disinfecting with Purpose

Germrip’s BioVex® List N disinfectant works by attacking the surfaces of microbes and breaking them down. These sprayable disinfectants are as powerful as scrubbing or wiping solutions, but faster and easier to apply.

The Size You Need

Germrip carries a variety of disinfecting sprayers. Whether you need a handheld sprayer for high-touch areas or a backpack-style for broad coverage, we’re sure to have an option that will suit your space.

Get It Done Faster

Our disinfecting sprayers make disinfecting large areas quick and easy. Get back to your life faster by using one of our electrostatic sprayers.

Safe for You and the Environment

The BioVex® solution used by Germrip electrostatic sprayers is also OMRI Certified Organic, non-abrasive and non-corrosive, EPA-registered, and contains no harmful chemicals. The pure ClO2 is one of the safest disinfectants you’ll find on the market today.

Where our sprayers can be used

Fitness Facilities

Gyms, workout equipment, locker rooms, and fitness studios can be disinfected efficiently with an electrostatic sprayer.

Dining Establishments

Keep the kitchens and dining areas in your restaurant safe. Both can be disinfected quickly and efficiently with a sprayer and BioVex® biodegradable disinfectant.

Educational Facilities

Keep your school building safe. Make disinfecting classrooms, hallways, gyms, and cafeterias a breeze with a powerful Germrip sprayer.

Business Buildings

Our sprayers accelerate the cleaning of storage warehouses, packaging plants, production factories, and more.

Rental Properties

Utilizing electrostatic sprayers, cleaning crews can common areas, clubhouses, community fitness centers, and more with ease.

Healthcare Buildings

BioVex® pure ClO2 disinfectant is organic and safe to use with a sprayer in hospitals, clinics, assisted living homes, rehabilitation centers, and more.

Sports Complexes

Have a large stadium, arena, or gymnasium that needs sanitizing? Indoor or outdoor, a Germrip sprayer can help you disinfect stands, locker rooms, concession areas, and anywhere else with confidence.

High Capacity Vehicles

Anywhere where people sit in close proximity encourages the spread of COVID-19. Keep trains, buses, planes, ferries, and subways sanitized with an electrostatic sprayer.

Hotels, Cruises, and Resorts

A spray disinfectant can help your cleaning staff disinfect your hospitality building in a fraction of the time of wiping down every surface.