Chlorine Dioxide. Not Chlorine.

certified organic. no quats.

What is ClO2?

Stabilized chlorine dioxide is ClO2 gas captured in an aqueous solution. While Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine share a name and both react through a process called oxidation, the effects of these compounds are completely different. Chlorine reacts and releases carcinogens and has little to zero microbial activity. Chlorine Dioxide reacts and adds oxygen to the air and when the process is complete ClO2 is reduced to the same by-products of salt. While oxidizing, our ClO2 solution, never creates anything toxic, corrosive, or carcinogenic.

Stabilized chlorine dioxide attacks microorganisms immediately and kills 99.999% of bacteria. It is a virucide, fungicide, bactericide, an odor killer, and kills mold and mildew. Not only does ClO2 eliminate pathogens but it differentiates itself from quaternary ammonium compounds or “quats” because it keeps bacteria from building a mutation against disinfection. Chlorine Dioxide was discovered in 1814 and has been used as a disinfectant through several avenues. Meat processing plants, water treatment facilities, dental applications, HVAC disinfection and odor control, and many more use chlorine dioxide to remain sanitized. Our stabilized ClO2 solution has a neutral pH and can replace most disinfectants currently used in your facilities.