Cannabis Disinfection Products

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Hydrogen Peroxide 34% USP Grade
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Resin Wipes - 100 Count
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Small Grow Bundle
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Large Grow Bundle

  • 99.8% Isopropyl Alcohol USP Pharmaceutical Grade great for resin elimination and hard surface sanitization.
  • BioVex® (EPA #9804-1) is a Certified Organic, pure ClO2, hospital-grade disinfectant. The all natural disinfectant eliminates MOLD, MILDEW, BACTERIA, and a wide variety of other pathogens that can damage a crop.
  • 34% Hydrogen Peroxide USP Pharmaceutical Grade perfect for any grow facility.
  • Odorid Dry is a powdered Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) which you simply shake and unscrew the lid. Place the cannister in the area that you are wanting to eliminate mold spores and mildew. After shaking the Odorid Dry will remain active for 45 days, slowly releasing CLO2 to condition the air and prevent spread of any pathogen. Place this product in your facility every 1000 square feet to eliminate 
  • DISINFECTING WIPES: GermRip™ Disinfecting Wipes 100 count are soft spun wipes to clean, disinfect, and remove allergens for the best cleaning. They are treated with 99.8% Alcohol which make removing resin easier than ever.