How to Disinfect a Hairbrush

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Why Disinfect a Hairbrush?

Hair Brushes are an essential item in nearly every house around the world. Keeping your hair brushes and combs clean is an important step in keeping you and your loved ones clean and healthy. Over time the brush will collect hair, dead skin cells, and even little bugs such as lice. Below is a list of easy steps to properly clean and sterilize a hairbrush. These steps are also applied to combs, and can be used in larger quantities.

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7 Easy Steps to Clean and Disinfect your Hairbrush

  1. Clean all hair out of the brush
  2. Put brush in a heatsafe dish
  3. Pour hot (not boiling) water over the brush
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 1 tablespoon of vinegar 
  5. Let the brush sit for at least an hour 
  6. Rinse the brush under water to remove buildup
  7. Let the brush sit on a towel to dry

The hot water starts the disinfection process by killing germs and critters with heat. The dish soap works to break up natural oils that collect over time, giving a squeaky clean end result. The vinegar works as a disinfectant, you could use biovex instead for an even deeper clean. The supplies needed to properly clean and disinfect a hairbrush are likely to be found in any home. But just in case, dish soap and vinegar can be found here and here on Amazon. The key to a good clean is being thorough. Best results are achieved when time is taken. However, be gentle as well, nobody wants to lose a bristle.

Try Disinfecting with BioVex

Hair Brushes that are Easy to Clean

Some brushes are easier to clean than others. A comb is a cakewalk while a thicker styling brush is a cleaning nightmare. Here are a couple easy to clean hair brushes that we know and love. The Wet Brush is a wonderful little tool that takes the pain out of detangling wet hair. Another company named Denman has a line of styling brushes that receive amazing reviews and are easy to clean. Combs are a bit of a different playing field, some come pre-oiled and some come bone dry. With oiled combs a higher level of care should be taken. The same steps of cleaning a hair brush can be used with combs, but if the comb is wooden it needs to be maintained. After the comb has dried take a cotton pad and rub a bit of oil on it. You could use olive oil, beard oil, coconut oil, it doesn’t really matter.


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