Disinfecting in the New Normal

Disinfecting in the New Normal

In March of 2020 our world was forever changed. The pandemic made everyone think more before they took another step in public. Now we are not just cleaning to make things look better, we are cleaning to make things safer. In the heat of the pandemic many were scavenging for PPE. Whether it be masks, face shields, thermometers,or disinfectant wipes they were all a hot commodity. That's when a family of 3 brothers stepped up to make a difference. Craig, Caleb, and Seth Van Horn are all graduates from the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma. A month before the pandemic one of their mentors Bert Valentine a 94 year old Korean and WWII war veteran had just been placed in a nursing home. He was still sharp as a tack at his old ripe age of 93 and actually called the brothers in for a meeting at his new “estate”. He had a whole makeshift conference room set up with the nurses serving water to go over a new business play he had coming in oil and gas. We were unaware this would be the last time we would see Bert, but that meeting is what sparked a new venture. When COVID-19 shutdown the US and the world was hunting for PPE, it was our mission to get Bert the right supplies in his nursing home. We came together with our connections and began sourcing PPE to meet the needs of the community. We found ourselves helping more and more people around the state of Oklahoma and before long we had an  entire portfolio of products to disinfect and stay safe. Thus the business Germrip was born.

Germrip has since gained some amazing relationships  with fellow Oklahoma manufacturers

  • BioCide International - Chlorine Dioxide Manufacturer in Norman, OK. 

  • EI Solutions- Electrical Engineering firm based out of Tulsa, OK that has transformed its operations to create electrostatic sprayers.

  • Okie Clean- An Oklahoma City oil field chemical company that has transformed it operations to make some amazing hand sanitizer

These three relationships have sparked the birth of germrip and helped the business scale. Our products are shipped daily across the country to schools, nursing homes, office parks, and more. 

We are proud to help people remain safe and clean during these tough times. We have helped churches regather, homes remain safe, and have helped keep thousands from transmitting the infamous coronavirus. In Germrip’s eyes cleaning is now being redefined by our partnerships and technology.

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