How to Disinfect your Phone in 5 Easy Steps

animated smart phone with several different types of germs with faces crawling all over the screen and out of the charging port

How do you clean your phone?

Your smart phone is arguably the most important tool you use in daily life. From ordering off of the to-go menu to the obscure, like figuring out the inspiration behind Mike Tysons face tattoo, we use our phones for almost everything. In fact, 66% of Americans check their cell phone at least 160 times per day. Because of their frequency of use phones and their accessories (learn about disinfecting phone accessories) can be some of the dirtiest household items. Couple that with us constantly touching and even putting them up to our faces and mouths, and we’ve created a super spreader event in our pocket! Below you will learn the best way to clean your phone screen and other areas of the device in just 5 easy steps!

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To properly disinfect your phone from germs, viruses, and bacteria, you will need a clear clean surface, a microfiber towel, and a disinfectant like BioVex. Let’s get started!

1 Unplug Your Device

Make sure your phone is not plugged in and have at least a foot away from the outlet and cord. Turn the device off and locate your microfiber towel.


2 Clean Your Device

Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe dirt and debris from the device. Making sure to remove all dirt from the crevices (example speakers and charging port) Lightly damp one corner of the microfiber with soap and water and scrub until clean (you can also use germrip disinfectant wipes for this step).


3 Apply Disinfectant

Apply BioVex disinfectant to the dry portion of the microfiber towel. Once lightly damped gently apply the dampened towel to the device until the disinfectant is applied to the entire surface. Avoid heavily applying disinfectant to crevices like speakers and charging port.


4 Allow Time to Dry

Wait 5-10 minutes to allow product to completely dry. Do not wipe the BioVex off of the product prior to it drying.


5 Activate the device

Once dry turn the device on, and use your freshly disinfected device!     

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