How to Disinfect Your Phone Case and Airpods

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How to disinfect your phone case and airpods (including airpods case)

It is no surprise that the items we use the most are often some of the dirtiest materials we own. Without regular cleaning and disinfection maintenance our cell phone and accessories can become the landing place for viruses and bacteria. Earlier we showed you how to disinfect your phone in 5 steps, below you can read the 3 steps in regular cleaning and disinfection maintenance of accessories we use in daily life. All you will need is a flat surface, cotton swabs, microfiber towel, BioVex disinfectant and germrip disinfecting wipes.


For this blog we will be cleaning and disinfecting a phone case, airpods and their case.


Step 1 Clean Your Hands and the Area You Will Be Cleaning the Accessories

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least twenty seconds. Choose a flat surface to clean and disinfect your accessories. Move any items from the surface and use a germrip disinfecting wipe to clean the area. Place your dirty phone case, airpods and case all separately on the surface.


Step 2 Use germrip Disinfecting Wipe to Clean the Accessories

Smart Phone Case

Get a new germrip disinfecting wipe and wipe the exterior of your cell phone case thoroughly. Next get a clean wipe and remove the dirt and grime from the interior of the phone case. Since cell phone cases can vary in size this step may require multiple wipes.


Use a new germrip disinfecting wipe and gently wipe the airpod buds. Avoid squeezing any liquid into the speaker or charging port of the airpod. To clean the speak area take a corner of the germrip disinfecting wipe and gently press and move the wipe to remove the debris. If any debris remains use a cotton swab to remove any debris from the speaker.

Airpod Case

Use a new germrip disinfecting wipe and gently wipe the exterior of the airpod case. If soiled grab a new wipe and gently clean the inside of the case starting with the part that flips backward. Use the corner of the wipe with slight pressure to remove dirty and debris in the crevices. Repeat the same process for the bottom of the airpod case. Do not push the wipe down to the charging ports. Instead use a cotton swab to remove any debris from the charging ports and the tunnel leading to them.


Step 3 Use BioVex to Disinfect Accessories

Once you have cleaned the accessories lightly damp your towel in BioVex disinfectant. Gently wipe the your accessories hard surfaces. Avoid sensitive areas such as speakers or charging ports.


Once completed wait 5-10 minutes allowing the product to dry, and resume using your accessories.

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