How to Clean a Kitchen Sink in 3 Steps

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The Best Way to Keep a Kitchen Sink Clean

The kitchen is one of the largest germ hubs in every American home. Its very unfortunate this supposed to be a place that we trust to be one of the cleaner rooms. Many don't realize that the kitchen sink can be the dirtiest and most germ infested areas in your household. In fact your kitchen sink can hold more germs than areas you wouldn't believe. Including but not limited to your phone, airpods, the tv remote, your toothbrush, your keyboard, hairbrush, and more. To keep your kitchen disinfected from harmful viruses and bacteria it is important to regularly clean and disinfect your kitchen sink, here's how!

Empty the Sink from any Dishes

Lets do the basics before we get to the real cleaning. make sure all of your dishes are put away and grab the right tools to take car of the rest of the job!

  • Soft Brush or Sponge
  • Soap or Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Disinfectant
  • Dry cloth


1. Wipe Off Dirt and Scum

Use a soft brush, sponge, or other utensil to scrub away the entire basin and all sides of the sink. Be sure to leave nothing behind. If you have a sink made of stainless steel, porcelain, or another hard nonporous surface traditional cleaners and surfactants will do the job. However if your sink is made of a more sensitive surface baking soda can typically handle most stains gently. Use a dry cloth to dry the surface of the sink for the next step!

2. Disinfect

Disinfecting is every bit as important as cleaning your sink. We don't recommend using harsh chemicals such as bleach because of the dangers in toxicity and possible corrosion. Organic products are a good choice to properly clean and sanitize your kitchen sink efficiently and effectively. Also this product should kill any odors that are living in the kitchen sink basin or drain. You can use an electrostatic sprayer that will electrically charge the disinfectant and cling to any surface. Once the disinfectant is applied make sure you let it have dwell time to set and air dry. Click here to see how you can properly apply disinfectants.

3. Keep Kitchen Sink From Clogging

To ensure no biofilm or other gross odor-causing bacteria is sitting in your drain pour an unclogging chemistry to eat away at the disgusting gunk living in your pipes. Once you've done that you can regularly pour BioVex down your drain because sodium hypochlorite disguises eliminates the biofilm. When the biofilm eats this chemistry it actually implodes and will never cause more issues for your sink drain! Regular baking soda treatments can keep you from getting clogs but it may not kill the tough odors.


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